Airbrush Spray Tanning

100% Organic, Vegan and Paraben Free Solution

Spray Tan Prices


Single Tan


Student/Military Single Tan


Express Tan

Add $10.00

PH Balancer


Tan Package

3 for $99.00

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Membership Spray Tan Prices

Single Tan


Tan Tuesday Single Tan


Express Tan

Add $5.00

PH Balancer

Add $5.00

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PH Balancer

This is applied before the spray tan 

Helps your skin retain moisture

Once applied, it will balance the pH levels in your skin perfectly for spray tanning

Removes oils, makeup and other daily buildup

Can improve spray tan life by 20-30%

Glycolic spray gently exfoliates and cleanses skin for optimum long-lasting DHA results.

Enhances DHA Results: Fruit Prime Extract helps to adjust the skin's pH level to enhance the DHA reaction resulting

in a deeper, more golden brown tan.

Browner, Golden Color: Lower skin pH results in a browner - not "orange", more realistic, natural looking tan. Adds Moisture.

$8 for Non-Members and $5 for Members.

Express Spray Tan

This solution must be rinsed off no later than 2 hours from tanning appointment.

If you have somewhere to go the night of your tan or just don't want to sleep in it, this is the solution for you!

 $10 for Non-Members and $5 additional for Members. 

Tan Tuesdays

Tan Tuesday prices are applicable on Tuesdays only, Tan Tuesdays are every week. If a Tan Tuesday is cancelled there will be a notification on the website and Facebook page. If the weather is unfavorable for tans on Tan Tuesdays those with an appointment can reschedule their tan and secure their Tan Tuesday Prices.  

All Spray Tan Solutions used are Organic DHA, 100% Vegan (Approved by the PETA foundation), aloe based to leave the skin soft and moisturized, made from only naturally derived ingredients Paraben free, erythrulose free and fragrance-free, and best of all... made in Texas!