Spray Tan Instructions

Shower as usual, but be sure to exfoliate with Baking Soda. When you are in the shower, after you have washed your body and hair, grab a handful of baking soda and scrub your skin really good. Then just rinse off.  After you shower, DO NOT put ANYTHING on your skin, including lotion, makeup, perfume or deodorant. 



IF you do not exfoliate, I recommend doing the PH Spray which is sprayed on prior to the tan to help clean the skin. This is NOT an exfoliant, but it will be much more beneficial than not using any type of exfoliant pre-tan.

It is important to exfoliate because that gets all of the dead/dry skin off of your body. That way the spray tan is going into a fresh layer of skin. This will make the tan more even and last longer. The better you are to your skin, the longer your tan will last. Do not use a loofah, rag, do not wear jeans...anything that is abrasive or causes excessive rubbing will cause your skin to exfoliate and therefore you will lose your tan much quicker.

Wear loose clothes to put on after your spray tan


You can do the spray tan however you feel comfortable, whether it be in your swimsuit, bra/panties, topless, nude, etc. (Men MUST wear underwear/swimshorts etc.).


After your spray tan you will need to stay completely dry the rest of the day, no lotion, makeup, perfume, deodorant, etc.


You will leave the tan on overnight and rinse the next day. 

If you do not want to sleep in it, we offer the "express tan" that MUST be washed off in 2 hours. 


The next morning, take a shower, RINSE ONLY, and begin to apply lotion. You will extend the life of your tan if you keep your skin moisturized. 



All Spray Tan Solutions used are Organic DHA, 100% Vegan (Approved by the PETA foundation), aloe based to leave the skin soft and moisturized, made from only naturally derived ingredients Paraben free, erythrulose free and fragrance-free, and best of all... made in Texas!